Analog (Film) Photography

Ever wondered how it all started? What the world of photography was before the digital photography revolution changed everything. Many people who photograph today are completely unaware of what it meant to shoot film. This is a fun talk that will entertain, inform and hopefully inspire your photography.

You will Learn:

This workshop will take you through a brief history of photography and then we will spend time on analog photography. We will talk about what is film (both black and white as well as digital). We will touch upon the process of shooting, developing and printing in the film world and bust some myths about “post-processing” and “originality” while we are at it. We will take a look at the recent Instagram and Lomography movement and understand what makes it tick.

In the end, you can take a look at several of my analog cameras to see how they work.

You will need:

An open and curious mind 🙂

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